The economy of the proofreading has already disappeared

Punctuation meanwhile, often gives meaning and rhythm. It is characteristic of the author. However, Pro- Lexis does not correct punctuation. In the manuscripts of young authors, use commas, semicolons tends to disappear in favor of exclamation marks or smileys. Yet, for some publishers like Storylab, punctuation is essential to give rhythm to the news.

Some markers have the dedication to make several passes. On paper, it is easier to notice the faults of meaning, spelling, but less punctuation errors or typographical errors, whereas the screen, allowing the characters to grow, can track the shell. But he still corrective reading texts upside down to better see the faults?

It is clear that the economic system to make the proofreading no longer exists. Fall draws and average sales weakened the economy of the proofreading, making often disappear. proofreading has always been a cost, even if has always been low. But low cost does not prevent it disappears. Keep the cost of proofreading is a decision that the economic necessity to increase production to compensate for the erosion in sales does not favor. Software AutoCorrect slow to evolve, they remain unable to grasp the meaning or rhythm. And the only perspective is now based on the reinvention of the relationship readers to better benefit from their distributed post- publication skills.

Could yet imagine invent circuits replay with a core of loyal readers, before publication, but surprisingly, few publishers have experienced something in that, perhaps for fear of complexity of the production to a time when it must be increasingly flexible.